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Hargraves Nursery Online Garden Centre Sydney

  • A Growing Library
    of Knowledge
    "If you have a garden and a library,
    you have everything you need."
    - Cicero

Recent Knowledge Articles

  • Summer Gardening - the Basics Summer Gardening - the Basics
    A checklist of ideas to help you keep your summer garden in good shape.
  • Summer Planting Guide Summer Planting Guide
    With the warm weather of summer you will find there are lots of plants to choose from. Here are some suggestions...
  • There’s still time for a tomato crop! There’s still time for a tomato crop!
    In December there’s still time to sow a new crop of tomatoes. In fact, because the soil is warm, tomato seeds or seedlings can be sown direct into garden beds...
  • Growing Flamboyant Hibiscus Growing Flamboyant Hibiscus
    The word ‘hibiscus’ usually conjures up images of tropical islands, palms waving in the breeze and the screeching of gaudy-coloured parrots in the treetops....