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Hargraves Nursery Online Garden Centre Sydney

  • A Growing Library
    of Knowledge
    "If you have a garden and a library,
    you have everything you need."
    - Cicero

Recent Knowledge Articles

  • Organic Gardening Organic Gardening
    Aphids are often attracted to tender new leaves and stems of cool season vegies like broccoli and kale.
  • Spring flowering bulbs Spring flowering bulbs
    As soon as bulb foliage pops up out of the soil, start feeding each week with Thrive Flower & Fruit Soluble Plant Food.
  • Vegetables and Herbs Vegetables and Herbs
    Supercharge your salad with these vegetables and herbs.
  • Floral Frenzy! Floral Frenzy!
    Autumn is the perfect time to plan your late winter and spring flower show and sowing flowers from seed is an easy and economical way to achieve masses of colour.